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Select wind turbins and make your contribution to ecology and life on the Earth! This solution will positively affect your life!


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Since then, we’ve installed over 15,000 solar energy systems for homes, businesses, schools, government facilities, and utilities across the country, totaling more than 260 megawatts of clean energy. We have both individual and corporate clients who have already appreciated solar energy and successfully use it for their work and life.


We continue developing our technology and implementing innovations for better functionality and more energy saving.

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Solar can give you lots of advantages, from which you will surely benefit.

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Commercial Panels

If you need solar panels installed for commercial purposes, our company is ready to offer you professional environment-friendly solutions on your business's requests.

Panels for Sale

We provide high-quality solar panels at affordable prices to our every client in the US. Our company is also opened to cooperation with foreign industry partners.

Energy Storage

Having solar panels gives you a great advantage in saving energy for your own purposes. Having such an energy storage also allows you to be independent of blackouts.


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Wind Energy

Using of wind energy saves you up to 40% funds and produce the same amount of…requests.

Renewable Energy

It provides with cost stability driven by reduced exposure to volatile resource pricing.

Residential Panels

The most efficient type of PV solar panel available is monocrystalline silicon panel.

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On average, a typical American home would require a small turbine with a 5-kW generating capacity to meet all its electricity needs. Maecenas etos sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.



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Whether the power you use comes from the utility or your solar array, it first comes through your master service panel at your service voltage level of 208V to 480V and then gets regulated to match your equipment’s voltage needs. If it’s a sunny Sunday and your solar array is putting out more power than your facility needs, that power gets exported to your utility.

If you are running a late-night shift and your solar array is not meeting your facilities power needs, then you automatically draw the power you need from the utility. Regardless of which machines are operating and your power needs at any moment, the power first comes through your master service panel at your service voltage level.

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When businesses wonder if solar is right for them, some of their first questions are, “Will solar affect my power quality?” and “Will solar be able to handle my high voltage equipment?” The answers are easy: a solar array won’t change the power quality your facility receives. In fact, the only change you’ll notice from installing solar array is a lower electric bill! This works because at the end of the day, the power quality your business receives is dictated by the grid.

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